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Team Premula EP
location world
industry Media
favorite trend Fashion and Glam
years in duty 32
team members 14
company Premula for the Media
telephone +54911 / 47775555
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For journalists, bloggers and communication professionals
Creative Commons License
Editorial by editorial-system is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License


Premula: Creative Commons Contents You Can Use and Abuse
Frequently Asked Questions and more
If I am a lazzy journalist, how can I make money with you?
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What is Premula about ?
Team Premula : Premula is a former models management agency, turned to a Press Management Networking Cooperation Systems you can use and abuse without worries.
I am a lazy journalist, how can I make money with you?
Team Premula: Premula is your solution. Since we license a Creative Commons 3.0 you can copy our contents and paste them for free, without any concern about copyright issues.
I have a physical printed magazine, how can I get best resolution images ready for print ?
Team Premula : You can contact our team for a budget. We can send you a password so you can quickly download the images in either JPEG or TIFF format. It depends on the set, we have up to 20 Megapixels Images.
What if I dont work for a big editorial, or magazine? just a blog owner?
Team Premula: You can copy our contents in english or spanish, witout any worries about copyright.
How can I be in touch with you?
Team Premula: If you get registered we will send you personalized stories that fit your audience target. If you get listed in our newsletter you'll receive a weekly newsletter. We do not sell nor share your info. Alternatively you can follow premula on twitter. However, that may reveal your identity to others. Premula registration it's private and not visible.
Can I ask for a personalized editorial ?
Team Premula: Yes, you can make a request, based on a story you wrote, and you own, our creative team will produce a storyboard, you can fix it or change it and once you are ok with it, we can make a photo shooting especially for your needs.
How can I get in contact with the models shown in your productions?
Team Premula: Only when previously agreed with models, their agent or their actual contact data it's visible in the story page. If you are unable to see the data there is no choice we can provide it manually.


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