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I'm a photographer. How can we work together ?
I am professional. Now I want to be recognized.
"In Premula want you to be famous."

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I Photographer. What do I offer?
Team Premula : In Premula want you to be famous. We offer: 1 - Make an interview like this (written in both English and Castilian), which contains the best of your portfolio, for example: 2 - We promote your services permanently Photography (section Photographers: This site receives more than 30 weekly applications of models that need to get a book, as well as visitors to the homepage (over 40,000 unique hits). 4 - Send via your note via newsletter to our entire database: Spanish language media and EN, models, actors, etc.. 5 - You will see your credit for the photos, in different sections and 6 - You can post castings where you should do a search for your productions. You simply log in and complete a short form specifying search requirements. 7 - You can also earn money by using our system, you get an account where you check your balance if there were "royalties" for additional rights image, where applicable.
Can you describe this note?
Team Premula: The note is based on seven questions and answers. We give you the option of initiating and self-answer, or we can send you a questionnaire (with seven generic questions) via email, so comfortable and quiet where you are able to answer them.
What photos accompanying the note?
Team Premula : The images that accompany it must be the best of your portfolio, in high resolution. But do not worry, our system Edit size for the web. Remember that due to the standard format images that can be downloaded from the server automatically have a CC 3.0 license. For this reason, the rights to republication are automatically transferred. However, if an interested party requests that the original photos in order to print and distribute, ready to handle all the details related to the transaction which may correspond. Ideally, the total of 19 images that accompany the note, 18 photos are horizontal with a 16:9 aspect ratio, while the remaining image has a vertical orientation. The images may or may not contain words, logo, etc.. But we recommend not to abuse it, to maintain good visual quality of your work. Extra galleries: If you want to supplement the note with more images, you can add more. Videos: It's also possible your authorship embedir videos from YouTube or Vimeo, and our own server. Contact: Data for the readers to contact you can choose freely. You can use links to your website, email, phone, Twitter account, and any other means you consider appropriate.
I love proposal! What are the requirements?
Team Premula: It is very simple. Just doing production work with what you like best, which is taking pictures. Thanks to our method of work, production will not take too long and will be very fun.
What is your working method for these sets and how to power my photographic talent?
Team Premula: Notros relieved much of your work: First, our creative team created from an idea, an interview outlining a concept to represent. From this concept, a plasma illustrator history in 19 storyboard images that call. Based on this, but you understand the proper angles for proper representation. Sometimes (if necessary for better representation of the concept) are edited by the original photos that your art is maximized.
What would an example?
Team Premula:
Thanks for the details. I would love to participate, in particular, what should I do now?
Team Premula: What you should do is send a set with more than twenty pictures (if possible all horizontal or all vertical), authorize its publication on our sites in order to promote your services, and complete the form http://


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