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Guadalupe Elliot
location Buenos Aires
industry Press
favorite trend Informative
years in duty 47
team members 6
company Premula
telephone / 0111539134796
Interview Premula
Photos Premula


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Team Premula
What if...?
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What is Premula about?
Guadalupe : Press Management Sistem Networking Cooperation.
What if a model wants to be fame?
Guadalupe : In the first place, you need to complete the questions ( Then, our group of experts will provide you and answer.
Do I need to be famous to work with you?
Guadalupe : You only need to have is an interesting or unique idea.
What is the price of the production?
Guadalupe : Its according to the production type
In what cities I can find you?
Guadalupe : Buenos Aires, Santiago, Sao Pablo, Madrid, Miami, Barcelona.
Do you have any legal support?
Guadalupe : Buenos Aires, Madrid, Barcelona.
How the Premula Team manage the solicitations?
Guadalupe : 1) In the first place, our team study your application personaly. 2) Then, we create a storyboard based on the previous information. 3) The next step is the photo shoot. 4) If the photos required, we edit them. 5) Then, our team creates an easy and simple note. 6) Finally, we send you material to agencies, journalist, and several kinds of press entities all around the world. Plus, our presence in social media and newsletters.


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