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Belen Provenzo
meassures (cm) 90 - 60 - 90
age 20
height 169 cm.
weight 49 kg.
eyes Dark brown
skin type Whi
hair color chocolate
Interview Premula
Photos Premula


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Born to be a model and it is my hobby
From the moment my job is being a model.
"(...) Aint do any course and paid absolutely nothing."
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How it all began?
Belen : I found a magazine and got to your site. I entered to contact them through an online contact form. Once approved, I was asked to send 16 pictures of me.
What happened next?
Belen: A few days later, I called Flor, and as my 16 pictures were not professional, then she informed me that I was in the list of the agency's sponsors.
Can you explain to us what this sponsor list?
Belen : Being on this list, I went to a couple of meetings in the VIP club where I was fortunate to meet different sponsors. By the next week I was in the photo studio to start the photo shooting.
What was the outcome of that session?
Belen: It was very good and during the session, all treated me like a queen, made me feel very comfortable and cared for. I laughed a lot and the photographer was super fun.
How did you prepared for the session?
Belen: Before the session I attended a makeup artist helped me highlight my beauty and makeup tips gave me daily. Especially what shadow shades used to highlight my eyes, what I like about me. Then a hair stylist gave me a super nice, well cleared my face so I could wear the look. Finally, before you start, Pato advised me with the various changes that had taken me to advise me on what was best for my figure. These six professionals, the makeup artist, stylist, fashion producer, photographer, his assistant and Flower Eye4UModels, were present throughout the session taking care of every detail. They managed to make me feel that shone.
Did you have to do a course model or pay anything for this job?
Belen: No, I did not do any course or paying anything.
How long did took to see the result of the production?
Belen: I just had to wait over two weeks for the post production and selection of the best photographic material is the most labor-intensive process. They called me to warn me that the material would be published and could go to pick up the DVD.


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