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Fiorella Chirichigno
meassures (cm) 98 - 60 - 99
age 24
height 168 cm.
weight 49 kg.
eyes light_brown
skin type tan
hair color Honey
Interview premula
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Your ideal of happiness
Fiorella want to be happy.
"A few years ago I had the opportunity of serving as a reporter in a Peruvian television program (...)"
Fiorella Chirchigno for Premula Fiorella Chirchigno

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What is your main character trait?
Fiorella : I am very spontaneous and positive.
What is your main shortcoming?
Fiorella: My friends would describe as untimely and messy.
Define your ideal of happiness.
Fiorella : For me happiness is feeling good and satisfied with the things I do every day. My deepest desire is to surround myself with positive people, get a stable family and cute, that first of all there is love and I mean in every aspect: towards my work, to oneself, the couple, family, etc.. Happiness is a constant and is an option, depends on one to see the positive to the most terrible facts that appear in the first instance.
You're living in Argentina but how strange Peru?
Fiorella: The truth is that I love Buenos Aires is a beautiful city, the people are good and I love how my life here. But, stop living in Peru, my family, my boyfriend, my friends, etc.. I do not know how to explain it because I have friends here too and pass really well, it just feels like I was in my second home. All this does not miss my country so much.
What do you do in Buenos Aires?
Fiorella: Mainly came to study. I hope that by the end of this year to graduating undergraduate career in advertising and return to Peru.
How many years pinup?
Fiorella: Yes, I started as a dancer. I spent many years in a dance school that also was a producer of events and always called me for shows and parades, little by little I got to know people in the middle. At age 12 I had my first show and, two years later, I made my first TV commercial and photo. A few years ago I had the opportunity of serving as a reporter in a Peruvian television program and there I discovered that what I like most is driving and reports because I can express myself freely and show me how I am.
Did you realize some modeling work out of Peru?
Fiorella: Yes, here in Argentina, began replacing a girl in a parade and, when I left the same, and representatives approached me and started all this beautiful country.


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