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Macarena Balbo
meassures (cm) 85 - 68 - 95
age 21
height 165 cm.
weight 56 kg.
eyes black
skin type tan
hair color Black
Interview Premula
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Morena cinnamon skin
Beautiful young
"(...) I like to take pictures and I love to participate in productions (...)"

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Why did you decide to devote to modeling?
Macarena : Because from girl, I like to take pictures and I love to participate in productions, the more professional the better. I like to capture the essence of the proposal and put all my effort to make the photos look their best.
What would you consider your biggest obstacle that you may have in this dream of being a model?
Macarena : My lack of height.
In addition to this activity, can you imagine doing anything else? What do you serious?
Macarena : Yes, studying to be a graphic designer at the University of Buenos Aires.
Did you study modeling or you made any progress? What is your opinion?
Macarena : Do not make any progress. But I wanted to do some more learning to win, and I realized that it gives you the productions and enter the environment with people who are interested in the same thing and that can learn.
What kinds of photos you like to do?
Macarena : I have no particular type, you may feel that the outdoor shots have another stimulus and give more variety. Always a good idea to have defined, the productions are interesting.
Tell us a story of a job or session you've made.
Macarena : Once, doing a production in Puerto Madero, with a friend who studied photography, go down the street we saw a group of skaters endless, we were both looking and without warning my friend take a picture with the face of surprise. When should I extorted her. Again, doing another fashion production in Plaza Serrano, we were approached a group of foreign photographers and ask us if they could take pictures while doing the production, to which we responded yes. After a while, one of the owners of the brand comes up asking them to participate in a photo and put all the cameras like I was taking, and I in the middle. The photo was spectacular and they thought it was professional to portray one asked me!
Finally, if you could change one thing about your body. What would?
Macarena : My height and my eyes, not because I do not like, but because for this profession are always more exotic light eyes.


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