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Romina Vanesa Zariello
meassures (cm) 85 - 62 - 90
age 30
height 170 cm.
weight 51 kg.
eyes light_blue
skin type white
hair color Dark Blonde
Interview Premula
Photos Romina Zariello


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Romina Zariello
A dedicated model.
"I am a very expressive person and I have a lot of fun at what I do!"
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How long have you been working as a model?
Romina Vanesa : I've been working as a model for 15 years. I am a very expressive person and I have a lot of fun at what I do!
What is you specialty in modeling?
Romina Vanesa : I love every type of modeling! But what I do the best are photo shoots, I have a lot fun doing them.
Can you share with us a funny story related to your work?
Romina Vanesa : The one that I remember the most happened when I was selected as one of 15 finalists for a well-known cloth mark. One of the steps was a breakfast with the owner of the mark, when she asked me what I was going to study when I finished highschool, I laughed because I had already finished University! It's a great advantage to look younger than I really am.
Have you ever had any indecent proposals while you were working?
Romina Vanesa : A few, really distateful ones.
Did you have any other paths opened because of your work as a model?
Romina Vanesa : On the contrary, I studied some other disciplines that were very helpfull when it comes to working as a model, like theater.
Have you worked in another country?
Romina Vanesa : Not yet, this is my next goal.
Any regrets?
Romina Vanesa : Not at all! I am just very sorry to have been incapacitated for a while. Some time ago an accident pulled me away from work.


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