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Marcelo Molinaro
meassures (cm) 99 - 69 - 99
age 23
height 182 cm.
weight 77 kg.
eyes light_brown
skin type white
hair color Dark Blonde
Interview Premula
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My Place in the World
Young, independent, persevering.
"I am totally uninterested in, even I am able to give everything I own to those who appreciate it."

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Dinos, how would you describe your personality?
Marcelo : I am a communicative person with the world around me. I am independent and persistent with my goals. In'm totally disinterested, even I am able to give everything I own to those who appreciate it. Well, day after day, I try to build a positive attitude of respect and work towards life and the challenges this entails.
What is your place in the world?
Marcelo: Definitely my favorite place is the beach. The movement of the sea and the quiet of the sand produced me a sense of peace that I consider unique. There I can clear my head, my mind and regain restart energy. Also, one of my favorite sports is surfing, which allows me to merge with the sea as if we were one. Even, this space gives me the opportunity to make wishes, that dream can be realized.
What about second chances?
Marcelo : I think everyone is entitled to a second chance. Sometimes life circumstances lead to errors or mistakes we can not handle properly. But if repentance is true or the lesson has been learned we are in a right way.
What is your professional approach, what do you do?
Marcelo: At work, I have been quite multifaceted. In my early days, I lean on my first profession is master builder. Then forays into journalism, in which I am forming. On the other hand, from the artistic aspect of my person, I developed in acting and in the world of modeling. On several occasions, I have said that the carrying out various work makes me a person who does not know what he wants. But the important thing is that they are wrong to say, because personally I feel fortunate to have done each of these things, which to my way of looking, are a whole.
In the artistic, how do you insert in the fashion world?
Marcelo: Since childhood, fashion attracted my curiosity and my desire to explore. Over the years, the enthusiasm grew stronger. A key moment was when I had the opportunity to do my first fashion and photographic production. There, a very pleasant experience that led me to a self-belief that I wanted to be part of the diverse world of fashion. To my understanding, this world is not only a profession but also a unique way to express themselves.
What is it for you to work as a model?
Marcelo: In my view, a model is one that can transmit different things through their work. That is precisely what I intend to do in each proposal submitted. In other words, for me, being a model is transformed into a mirror that reflects what we are trying to convey, either a custom, a time or a place.
Finally what is your projection in fashion?
Marcelo: My projection would be to write an interesting career in this environment. Power constantly learn from my successes and mistakes to progress step by step. Of course my interest is to leave a footprint that allows to elucidate fashion as a way to process or human evolution.


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