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Agus Somanix
location Mar del Plata
age 21
profession estudiante
hobbie other
highlites simpatica y alegre
languages es
Interview Premula
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Constanza and her cooking dream
Constanza, an International Chef, lived in Italy for almost a year, studying on this country cuisine.
"(...) I found a lot of information about these places"
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Why did you study culinary arts?
Agus : Since I was a little kid, my grammy taught me how to cook spaguetti, our Sunday family dinner tradition. It was my favourite day, spending time with her was very important to me, the kind of memories that you remember all your life.
What is your favourite dish?
Agus: Mi favourite dish is Capelletti di Emilia. (elaborated with chicken)
What do you enjoy cooking the most?
Agus : I love to cook Macharoni!
Why did you decided to specialize in italian food?
Agus: My family is from Italy, that was a great influence. But mostly because of the delighfull fragance and delicated taste that characterized it.
When did you decided to travel to Italy for especialization?
Agus: In the year 2009 I finished my career, and my dream was to travel to Italy . In the year 2010 I finally could, for almost a year (from January to November).
Why did you decided to came back to Argentina?
Agus: Because I never meant to lived there, I just wanted to study.
Why did you choose the in-house restaurant tipe?
Agus: It is something that is very fashionable today, I found a lot of information about these places Plus I personally agasar allows diners with my specialties.


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