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B. B.
location Buenos Aires Capital Federal
age 27
profession Abogada
hobbie none
highlites simpatica, ambiciosa
languages EN
Interview Premula
Photos Mundirex


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From Europe to South America
Britta takes a tour on the "City of the Fury"
"Two years ago I live in Argentina."
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How old are you and how much time are you living in Argentina?
B. : Two years ago I live in Argentina.
Why did you come to Argentina?
B.: I finished my studies en Germany and I wanted to enjoy my free time, so I planned a journey to Argentina with some friends.
Why did you stay in Argentina?
B. : I always wanted to spend some time living in a foreign country. I like Argentina and their people. Also the weather is so much better than in Germany. There the winter is cold and long. Immediately I have found work as a german teacher.
What did you study in Germany?
B.: I studied judiciaries, but I am not working as a lawyer right now.
Which place did you visit and which one did you like most?
B.: We travelled to many places of Argentina, we went to Mendoza, Cordoba, San Luis, Puerto Madryn where we could see the whales which was so exciting because they had babies. But the place I like most was the Iguazu falls at the border of Brasil.
How long you want to stay?
B.: I have not defined. I think at some point surely return to Germany. My whole family is there.
If you go back to Germany, what do you most miss them?
B.: Eat dulce de leche and empanadas.


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