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Lili Mazegora
meassures (cm) 90 - 60 - 90
age 22
height 173 cm.
weight 50 kg.
eyes light_blue
skin type white
hair color Light Blonde
Interview premula
Photos casta models


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Glamorous and Elegant
performing in front of an audience makes me feel like more alive, since there is no place for mistakes
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Your portfolio says a lot about you, where do you feel more like yourself, on the runway, or posing for photos?
Lili : I love both, runway and posing for photo shootings. But if I have to choose, performing in front of an audience makes me feel like more alive, since there is no place for mistakes.
Where and when did you learnt to dance?
Lili : A long time ago, I was so young and my mother sent me to dance lessons among others
What's your favorite kind of music / parties ?
Lili : I love Ibiza as a place and I have a lot of favorite DJ s who perform at those parties. Avicii, Paul Van Dyk, Armin Van Buuren among others
Have you been to Argentina, what do you like the most about Argentina ?
Lili : Yes, I've been to Argentina in 2006 stayed in Palermo and I was invited to the BAF week, I love Argentine people and I had a very, very romantic night so Argentina it's very special for me and I'll never forget. I would love to get back some day and learn more about the culture, the asados and especially Usuahia since several friends told me about.
If you really like a guy, do you go for it, or do you wait for him to take the first approach ?
Lili : Yes, I'm totally capable to tell him that I'm in love with him if I actually do. Some guys they react in different ways... for instance, one of them took out of the train, but that's the past and I live in the present.
You seem a strong woman, what kind of things can devastate you?
Lili : Barely nothing.
How to contact you or your agents?
Lili : You can contact Casta Models, they are my agents.


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