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Isaac Jiemenez
meassures (cm) 99 - 69 - 95
age 24
height 174 cm.
weight 70 kg.
eyes light_blue
skin type white
hair color Black
Interview premula
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Isaac Jimenez
Isaac, a male model from Sevilla (Spain)
Sevilla, extremely cheerful and friendly city
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Isaac, please tell us about your city
Isaac : Beautiful and full of life
please name a special place you could not miss there
Isaac : One? But, in Sevilla so many! The Alcazar, the Cathedral, Parque de Maria Luisa, Plaza of Spain, stroll through the historic center (which is one of the largest in Europe).
How would you describe the Sevillanos?
Isaac : We live far away from home. It leaves us much to walk and drink. Enjoying the weather and the city.
What do you think is the best of Sevilla?
Isaac : Vitality and life
What place would you recommend to a foreigner ?
Isaac : Eslava Restaurant, tapas, is a must if you visit Sevilla, my favorite is the egg on cake with caramelized mushrooms and wine
How is the nightlife in Seville?
Isaac : Seville is a city extremely cheerful and friend of the festival and street, are said to live on the streets of Seville, and in some ways this is true, because during student years for home only to eat or sleep. Throughout the day and night are getting crowded fashion places.
please let us know about your career, how you did you started in the fashion and glam world ?
Isaac : My mother was a model, and since childhood, I've done some small jobs. However, once I finish my studies, I said that if I wanted to kick-start this race and here I am now, trying to make me a way into fashion and glam.


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