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Eleni Miariti
meassures (cm) 89 - 63 - 92
age 25
height 178 cm.
weight 55 kg.
eyes hazel
skin type tan
hair color Black
Interview premula
Photos fashioncult


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Dubai Fashion week Star
Photos and Runway

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Your portfolio says a lot about you, where do you feel more like yourself, on the runway, or posing for photos?
Eleni : Both: Photos and Runway
Best south Eropean destination for this summer
Eleni : Absolutely Calabria
What's your favorite kind of music / parties ?
Eleni : I love to party when I'm not working, freedom, air, music and beaches are my favorite combination
Where does working as a model pays more, Europe or the Americas ?
Eleni : With the exception of NY, in my experience I can say that Paris is number one.
Where did you performed your lastest fashion runway ?
Eleni : Dubai Fashion week
Is it true what they say about the fashion nights and drugs relationship ?
Eleni : I think that is something that happens everywhere, and it's not related to the fashion industry, but the frustrations industries. Hopefully I don't get easily frustrated
How to contact you or your agents?
Eleni : FashionCult is my agency


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