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Jessica Nadine Leloir
meassures (cm) 98 - 60 - 98
age 26
height 175 cm.
weight 52 kg.
eyes Dark brown
skin type Whi
hair color Dark Blonde
Interview Premula


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Surviving in the Congo
Jesica is now a model and an environmentalist. She tells us, after her trip to the Congo she decided to raise awareness in society about the extinction of animals.
"I like to defend my ideals."
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Do you consider yourself an environmental activist?
Jessica Nadine : I like to defend my ideals, I believe that animal abuse and illegal marketing of animals is absurd. In my view humans are heartless, we have no respect for other species.
You did this production to raise awareness of this problem, right?
Jessica Nadine: Yes, I like the whole worldto be aware of this reality, not only occurs in the Republic of the Congo, but worldwide.
Can you tell us what are some of the species is endangered?
Jessica Nadine : Yes, for example I can name you: panda bear, the koala, the puma, the lynx, the giant armadillo and tigers, among others.
What should we do to prevent this from happening?
Jessica Nadine: The man is the main cause of extinction due to environmental pollution, hunting, exploitation and overexploitation. We must begin to protect our wildlife, the responsibility that man has, as a moral obligation is to protect and conserve the environment it inhabits.
How long are you participating in this awareness?
Jessica Nadine: Three years ago, on a trip I made to the Congo and the guide told us that wildlife problems was suffering because of man, I felt awful, and from that moment I swore I would do all they could in my power to help these defenseless animals.
Are you affiliated with any environmental association?
Jessica Nadine: Not at the moment. Now, with my friends and a group of environmentalists we are generating a social movement to make people aware.
We hope this photoshoot helped you in your cause.
Jessica Nadine: Yes, thank you for giving us the opportunity to spread this idea and hope more people will join this fight.


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