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Dora Shindelle
meassures (cm) 93 - 60 - 92
age 26
height 171 cm.
weight 54 kg.
eyes dark_brown
skin type white
hair color Chocolate
Interview premula
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::Interview:: Dora Shindele
Total Dancer
In 2010 I worked in the Miami Street Dance Center in Budapest as a street jazz and hiphop teacher. Currently, we undertake performances in music videos

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How did you started your dancing career ?
Dora : I've been dancing since I was 4 years old. I started my dance career in Preparatory Dance Course led by Eva Tomcsanyi and Laszlo Wunsch ballet masters in Dunaujvaros and afterwards I was admitted to a local Primary School 's dance art formation class. Here I studied classical ballet from the Merited Artist Ukrainian ballet master couple, the Kustans. Meantime at the age of 8 I started learning different styles and techniques, such as modern jazz, graham and limón technique, hiphop, funky, street jazz, contemporary dance, folk dance and salsa.
Did you attended a formal dancing school at that age ?
Dora : I finished a 12-year basic dance formation in Varpalota as a dancer of the Ability and Talent Improver Private Art School. I continued dancing hiphop in the group called FreeDance and in the NRG Dance School in Veszprem. In 2002 I started teaching hiphop in a high school. During the summer of 2006 I worked with the Private Art School of Varpalota in a summer dance camp near the lake Balaton, as a guest teacher
only in europe?
Dora : In 2006 at the International Showdance Competition organised by the Hungarian Fashion Dance Association I won gold and bronze awards in adult hiphop/freestyle and modern jazz categories.
Besides studies, did you performed professionally ?
Dora : From 2007 I spent 4 years in the Artistry Dance Company in the capital city. This Company's work is based on classical ballet and modern styles, we performed mainly jazz choreographies; we had different performances and shows all around the country. Between 2007 and 2010 I taught hiphop at the Budapest Business School's College of International Management and Business.
Looks great, what about teaching ?
Dora : In 2010 I worked in the Miami Street Dance Center in Budapest as a street jazz and hiphop teacher. Currently, we undertake performances in music videos or night events with my own dancers. In 2011 i've started to work in the Astoria Dance - Color Fitness, and I give classes in the Millennium Wellness weekly. In the past 4 years I 've been invited as a street jazz and hiphop teacher and choreographer to the Euphoria Summer Dance Workshop to Miercurea Ciuc in Romania.
Did you worked together with recognized or famous stars ?
Dora : In 2008 and 2009 I worked together with the French-American Gilbert Passe-Coutrin and the German Kristin Rennack - masters of modern and contemporary jazz and ballet, in 2010 and 2011 with the Spanish - German Orlando Haridas salsa master.
How to contact your Managers?
Dora : Just Contact NineModels for a faster response.


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