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Patricia H
meassures (cm) 88 - 69 - 95
age 34
height 176 cm.
weight 62 kg.
eyes light_blue
skin type tan
hair color Dark Blonde
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Patricia H
Patricia from the Netherlands
I love Argentina.

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Where are you from?
Patricia : I am from the Netherlands and live near Amsterdam, 1 of my favourite cities of Holland. We are proud to have a queen from Argentina. We love her warm and open personality, next to that she is very intelligent and beautiful as well.
You travelled a lot. Which destination would you recommend to a spiritual traveller?
Patricia: I travelled to different countries all over the world. Discovering new places is like explore new things each time. It's not only about travelling, but also about learning things, explore, adventure, meet new cultures, respect each other differences and religions. Comparing countries is almost impossible. I believe each continent has their own charmes. I love South European countries for different reasons: nature, beautiful cities, culture, temparature & people who seems to enjoy life in the fullest and spent a lot of time sharing free time and quality time with family. Asian people are really intelligent for finding solutions for all different kind of things. Next to that they have great ways to chose for a healthy life style by searching solutions by prevention in spite of attack the problems when it's too late. The nature of different Asian countries is like paradise! Chinese people are really smart en work very hard. They can create solutions for everything, they can find ways to create a new life all around the world and you almost never hear them complain. South America is beautiful for different reasons, people live with passion and express it. Latin America has so much to offer in landscape and it's really beautiful for longer round trips. Buenos Aires is like Paris of South America only has a warmer heart. I love that city. African people are great example of being happy under hard conditions. They mostly have a strong character, always a smile on the face and strong attitude and even a will to share. The nature and wildlife of Tanzania is incredible and think we need do all to keep this the way it is and protect it. USA is great for making all possible. Big bigger biggest. Good, better, best! In USA are solutions for everything and even in extreme busy life style, they have time to give service and respect each other. Good example for other cities worldwide. Talking about spiritual reasons I should surely recommand Tibet or Nepal. To be happy with nothing starts from the inside. The strong believe of people in Tibet compared to extreme life conditions over there in Himalaya mountains show that they have abailability to do that.
Which features do you find important in your friends?
Patricia : Honesty, open minded, good sense of humour, positive minds, social, respectful, polite
What would you change about your personality?
Patricia: Accept things which you can't change and don't let effect negative behaviour of others effect my day.
What's your favorite kind of music / parties ?
Patricia: It depends of the mood and situation: Music is a part of life, so I like dance music, lounge, classic, latin music, jazz and pop music. The kind of music depends of time and place. I surely DON'T like heavy methal, to strong rock music or hardcore house.
Have you been to Argentina, what do you like the most about Argentina ?
Patricia: I travelled several times to Argentina since 2006, made several round trips and really love the city Buenos Aires. It's a city where I feel comfortable like home and has a lot to offer. Argentina has a lot to offer: Puerto Madrin, Patagonia, Ushuaia, Andes mountains, wales in the ocean, Mendoza, Perito Moreno, tierra del Fuego, pampas and a great way to enjoy life with family, friends and food, drinks and dance. The quality of life is higher if people feel happy from inside. I love Argentina.
How do you see your life in the future?
Patricia: For me it's not only about learning and creating business and money for myself. For me it's much more beautiful to start from a source with conscience of the rest of the world. All starts with honest production, human & social working conditions, care of environment, nature and the people in other parts of the world. When a company can grow with this vision, they really are rich. A company like Pret is a great example for me. I would love to support companies like this and spread my own message which starts with RESPECT to each other. The world should look much more beautiful if we stop with talking bad about other people or cultures. We can learn from each other in spite of judge about each other. Each continent, each culture has knowledge, we can mix them and take the best of it in spite of block all. Respect and start from a source is 1. I am very idealistic, it's a challenge to connect people and create awareness of each individual responsability. In spite of walk behind the mass.


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