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María Isabel Rodríguez
meassures (cm) 90 - 59 - 92
age 25
height 174 cm.
weight 57 kg.
eyes dark_brown
skin type tan
hair color Dark Blonde
Interview premula


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Gorgeous South America
Everything improves with exercise, eating healthy
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What do you think, are the greatest differences between your city and Buenos Aires ?
María Isabel : There are so many different things this beautiful city has with the place I was born. For starters the weather over here is completely different. The place I come from is at summer time all year long, and the capital city of my country has always a winter kind of weather. Over here apart from having seasons, the weather is crazy. You watch the weather broadcast before leaving home, and it seems that it would be a bright and shiny day. But next thing you know, you just got out and suddenly you have hail everywhere. So you have to leave home with your bikini on and on top your winter jacket. You never know with Buenos Aires.
What do you like the most? Photo shootings or Television ?
María Isabel : I love pictures and feel really comfortable with them. On the other hand, I find television more intimidating. Personally I turn into the most shy and embarrassed person.
Would you like to travel for work in the fashion Industry ?
María Isabel : Yes, of course, and if the place includes sun and beaches, it's even better.
Please define sexy outfits
María Isabel : Sexy is all about the attitude not even the cloth you wear. It is something that when cloth are involved the line between sexy and skanky is just a couple inches thick. I think that cloth that leave something to the imagination, that don’t show everything at once are the ones that will make you turn into something desirable and appealing, something sexy.
Something funny to let us know while working in a shooting ?
María Isabel : It’s really funny to remember the time that in the middle of a photo shoot the photographer decided it would be a good idea to stand on a chair to get better angles. Unfortunately for him, in the heat of the moment he totally forgot he was not standing on firm ground. When he bent back a little, the photographer, the chair and the camera ended on top of a poor man that was simply curious looking at the photo shoot.
Where can you recommend a vacation ?
María Isabel : Anyplace turns unforgettable when the people you share it with make it that way.
Finally, if you could change something in your body, what would be ?
María Isabel : More important that to modify is to make room for improving. Everything improves with exercise, eating healthy; this will be reflected in your hair, your skin, even your eyes. Obviously I would love to improve every day, fighting against years its inevitable, but with healthy habits each day, getting old should be beautiful.


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