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Leonela Mero
company MundiRex
age 23
profession Modelo y camarera
hobbie dance
skype My status
twitter mndnx
telephone 49627967 /
Interview Premula
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::Interview:: Travel! What a beautiful experience!
Leonela, a young ecuatorian women, talk with us about her experiences about Buenos Aires and Santiagos discos.
"(...) I always check the events offered"
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What do you think is good about the night of Buenos Aires?
Leonela : I like partying a lot, Buenos Aires is the best, there is room for all music tastes and this is not very common in other countries, have all week to go to dance, that's awesome.
Where are you going to dance?
Leonela: Over the weekend I will Pacha and Jet, if you like electronic music you have to know it, and during the week I will Kika. But always check the events offered
Are you going to dance alone or with friends?
Leonela : I do not like to dance alone, sometimes the kids come up to me a lot, and I feel more cared for if I go with a group of friends.
What do you like in Argentina?
Leonela: People, some people crazy, fun, funny, friendly, and it is very important for travelers, and also tell you that kids are very cute.
What you can count on us to Chile?
Leonela: Where else was I Reņaca which is located a few hours from Santiago, I loved the beaches are beautiful but the water is very cold.
How did you go dancing Reņaca?
Leonela: Yes! There are many night clubs on the beach, and are very good and best is that you can go dressed as you like in flip flops and bathing suit and do not bother you for nothing, very good.
What was the Reņaca the best place to go dancing?
Leonela: The one I liked was the Tutics, good music, good people, good drinks.


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