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Vera & the Premula Team Production
location Ciudad de Buenos Aires
age 26
profession Models
hobbie other
highlites Fashion
languages es
Interview Premula
Photos Dennis Drenner


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Here are some tips for you to be splendid at all times.
"All physical matter, hair, skin, weight, teeth, etc."
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What is most important to look as a Diva all time ?
Vera & the Premula Team : It's about several things, shiny hair, correct weight, healthy teeth, etc.. But the most important it's about being confident
What is the best recipe to find yourself so confident ?
Vera & the Premula Team: It's a lifestyle, exercise, good diet, avoiding stress, and of course the help of specialists.
What do you mean by a good diet?
Vera & the Premula Team : It is not same when you're a sportsman if you're a model and stop these long hours or if you are secretary and spent eight hours sitting, for each case there is a different diet.
And what about the gym ?
Vera & the Premula Team: I'm going everytime as possible to workout.
Besides the gym and the nutritiounist, what other meassures do you need to be gorgeous?
Vera & the Premula Team: The dermatologist is a must. I do face pilling and therefore I have my skin this beautiful. Also reducing massage, vibration platform, and I go jogging every day to get better.
Have you ever stood outside a casting?
Vera & the Premula Team: Yes, when I first started I thought that having nice eyes, good body and be high I can already be a "model", but over time I realized that this was not enough. I had much to learn the care of my body, taking care of every detail to be well and be elected to various campaigns around the world.
Any tips for girls who want to be models?
Vera & the Premula Team: Modeling work is super cute, but not easy, many girls do not succeed because they believe it is to send pictures to model agencies and that's it. Being a model is a job, and we need to respect the rules, so if you sell beauty we have to work to be always pretty.


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