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Susan Coffey
meassures (cm) 85 - 61 - 90
age 21
height 175 cm.
weight 44 kg.
eyes Light green
skin type Whi
hair color RedHead
Interview Premula
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She's got the look
Under U.S. Model with a unique beauty.
"I am a thoughtful woman, which leads me to be a quiet person."

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Tell Susan, what would you say is the main feature of your personality?
Susan : I am a thoughtful woman, which leads me to be a quiet person. I like to think everything in detail before making any decisions.
Do you have a favorite superhero?
Susan: I love comics. My favorite superhero is Spider Man His great intelligence and understanding of physics and chemistry captivate me.
What qualities do you consider essential in a partner?
Susan : I respect my independence, work and lifestyle.
What city would you like to live?
Susan: I love Mexico, for this reason, if I had to live in a particular city, it would be Cancun beaches one love.
What is the musical style you most like to hear?
Susan: Jazz in the first place. And secondly, I like the soul.
What is your favorite color?
Susan: My favorite color is gray because it is associated with independence and self reliance.
Your idea of happiness is ...
Susan: I think make small gains bliss. One should try to improve day by day.


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