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Natalia Dal Molin
meassures (cm) 95 - 65 - 95
age 25
height 170 cm.
weight 53 kg.
eyes light_brown
skin type white
hair color Chocolate
Interview Premula


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Believe in dreams
Natalia is a beautiful actress who seeks to grow in your career every day.
"I try to laugh every day and appreciate that I can give myself the pleasure of living what I like acting."
Natalia Del Molin Natalia Del Molin

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How do you define yourself?
Natalia : I would define as "a Rosario, crazy, cute, loving act."
When did you start acting?
Natalia : I began to study theater at a young age. She was so restless that all I caught was acting and dancing. In elementary and high school and I was assigned to prepare the work for national holidays. I enjoy acting.
How did you start working in television?
Natalia : When I was 19 I attended a casting for a novel called "Travelers". There I could be cast as the hostess. This was my first television experience, and really loved it.
How did you come to Argentina to work on the novel "The Chosen"?
Natalia : I went to the channel to carry material and I was fortunate to meet Lito Cruz, who was my teacher, then appeared and Monica Maria Carámbula Antolópulos, which had been my companions in "Question of Principles". Finally joined our conversation Echarry Paul (who was the chief of the novel). A few days after that meeting I received a call telling me I had the role of Maria Emilia, a foster child with a lesbian friend of Gigi (Paula Cohen) and Greta (Monica Antonopulos).
What do you enjoy more the theater or on television?
Natalia : They are two different arts and feedback is not the same. I've done a lot of children's theater, in which the response is immediate. But television creates another feeling in me, love me too. I can safely say that I enjoy both, simply because it gives me great pleasure to act.
Do you like living in Buenos Aires?
Natalia : I find it difficult because my family and friends live far away, but I understand that I am here by choice and to fulfill a dream. I try to laugh every day and appreciate that I can give myself the pleasure of living what I love, acting.
Do you believe in dreams?
Natalia : First of all I believe in dreams, is what gives us life and everything in due time comes, you just have to learn to wait and never stop to prepare.


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