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Natalia Nanu
meassures (cm) 90 - 59 - 92
age 21
height 166 cm.
weight 49 kg.
eyes Dark brown
skin type Tan
hair color chocolate
Interview Mundinix Manager, Roger
Photos Dany Speed


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Living the night
Nanu wants to tell his experience being one of the girls in Mundinix Friend.
"(...) I am very grateful to you and all the staff Mundinix."

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How did you live the night out of Mundinix?
Natalia : This day I went to the gym and I had lunch with my friends in Palermo Soho, then went back to my apartment where I live with a friend. Usually rest on Friday afternoon, because in the city (Buenos Aires) this day of the week tends to be one of the most chaotic traffic congestion, people rushed, and so on. Then I went to look for the agency and had dinner at Ceviche in the neighborhood of Las Caņitas. In short, about midnight we went to a bar and from there we at Pacha VIP. I love Pacha, there I was introduced to Mike, who is a producer of a TV channel and Jinny, who were very respectful and polite with me at all times. Then I found two friends and I do not miss the good vibes.
What is your favorite cocktail?
Natalia: Kir Royal, I die for the champagne. Also because in Buenos Aires hard time finding places serve good drinks.
Does the event until what time were you?
Natalia : At Pacha until six o'clock and then went to do this photo shoot. The dress was divine, it is my favorite. After the session rested until seven in the evening and finally, I went searching through my apartment to go to this airport.
Did you get a contract during the event?
Natalia: Yes, and that was the best. I managed a contract for a presentation on the channel frequency America from Peru. I flew, first class, and the stay was in Miraflores which is divine. Now I'm hoping that I call back, I can definitely lies beyond to work.
You say that the opportunity to radically change your life Mundinix?
Natalia: Definitely needed to make a change and I am very grateful to you and all the staff Mundinix. Because from the contacts and all these new experiences slowly I discovered I had a lot to give. Now my life is a dream come true.
How was your life before entering the program?
Natalia: Before, always good, as every girl my dream was to be a model, but this was in the past because, although I took a course runway, makeup and other protocol, just served me. I found that with practice you learn a lot more and this is what really matters. Without prejudice are past century.
What would you recommend to other girls who have the dream to succeed in life as models or TV presenters?
Natalia: I would recommend that are not afraid to be themselves. Do not listen to false friends, who are not caught with the neighborhood sweetheart ultimately gives them nothing and always stands in the way of success.


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