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Maria Klious
meassures (cm) 88 - 60 - 91
age 25
height 166 cm.
weight 53 kg.
eyes light_brown
skin type white
hair color Light Blonde
Interview Premula
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Connecting destinations
This model, with its exotic beauty, tells origins.
"I was born in an ancient people called Kamenetz Podolsky located southwest of Ukraine."

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Tell us, are you in Ukraine?
Maria : Yes, it is my home country exactly, there I have most of my family. I was born in an ancient people called Kamenetz Podolsky in southwestern Ukraine.
Travelling followed to this country? Tell us what do you like most?
Maria: Travel a lot of girl. The last time I was there was when I was 16. On this trip I remember running many unique places. What attracted me, at the time, was the variety of nature and the beauty of them.
What are you most passionate about in your nation?
Maria : What I love about my country are their customs. The people are very vain and progressive, that catches me and amuses me.
How do you see yourself working as a model there?
Maria: It would be a very interesting experience and a unique opportunity.I love it!
When did you know you wanted to be a model?
Maria: It was many years ago, to make a graph, then I realized that in addition to feel comfortable, could actually connect and separate my role to which I then had to adapt. It was a totally strange and pleasant.
What are your aspirations in the world of modeling?
Maria: My aspirations are to find the passion in every job I do, in order to provide the best of me.
If you could change one thing about your body what would it be?
Maria: I would not change anything about my body, I like the way I am.


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