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Irina Shayk
meassures (cm) 86 - 59 - 88
age 26
height 178 cm.
weight 54 kg.
eyes Light brown
skin type Whi
hair color chocolate
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Irina Shayk
Internationally recognized model, ready to marry a football legend.
"(...) I opened the possibility of cover on Sports Illustrated, Glamour, Ocean Drive (...)"

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Your career has been spectacular. Do you consider the level of "Super Models" 90's as Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford and Iman?
Irina : Times have changed and all the modeling industry as well. I think the comparisons are not valid at the wrong time. While they are a benchmark, I do not care to look like any of them.
Sometimes you think you're from Brazil, given your particular features and also your relationship with Ronaldo. So what is your origin?
Irina: I am a descendant of Tartars, who emigrated to Russia. Anyway I have a great diversity of genes and my eyes I owe to my mother's side, of Slavic origin.
In addition to your physical features, ¿inherited something from your mother's family?
Irina : My family did not have many financial resources, combined with rigor in the Soviet period were very hard times for the whole country. From my mother inherited his passion for music, and that's how I learned piano. Also from little singing in the choir, but I was always ambitious and allow it to devote to study marketing at eighteen. I soon discovered Eye4u Scouters on a trip I took to Milan.
Your career is shot through the naked, or vice versa?
Irina: I'm happy with my body, and yes, actually did some standing naked before working in Paris. Then, due to some very demanding contracts, such as Guess, Armani Intimissimi and we had to make an effort to collect all this stuff, and I did not naked anymore. The latter appears in GQ magazine in Spain in December, which is itself the product of photoshop, as they digitally removed the lingerie I had for this shoot. It originated a trial with my ex, Marco Di Lauro, IMG and publisher.
Would you say that IMG was the agency that you opened the international doors?
Irina: I always treated very well, and throughout the time I worked with them in Paris was fantastic. Thanks to IMG opened the possibility of cover on Sports Illustrated, Glamour, Ocean Drive and many more, but especially Armani Exchange.
Why especially Armani Exchange?
Irina: Cristiano Ronaldo is how I met two years ago. Today we celebrate our anniversary, and as a scoop, I tell you that we will sail along the coast of Greece, and we're getting married in a secret place so far, then I'll tell you, because we want to be very intimate.
Congratulations! Is it so private that not even your son Cesare's going to accompany?
Irina: On the contrary, he is the first guest and will be our witness, but what restless inherited from their parents. I hope that will not break the decoration!. * Cesare is the Labrador dog Irina, son of a famous dog actor in Hollywood.


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