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Fernanda Tavares
meassures (cm) 89 - 61 - 91
age 30
height 178 cm.
weight 61 kg.
eyes Dark brown
skin type Tan
hair color Light Brown
Interview Premula


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Bella Fernanda
Tireless and cheerful, Fer tells her lifestyle.
"(...) not to be stepped on by anyone. Every woman should be brave."

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Fer tell us what you find essential in a woman?
Fernanda : Full of confidence, leadership, power, able to make her own decisions and above all, avoid being stepped on by anyone. Every woman should be brave.
What would you change about your personality?
Fernanda: I am very quiet. If I do not like someone else's views, sometimes this can cause me a problem.
How do you manage to stay in such great shape?
Fernanda : I go to the gym two or three times a week. But above all, to stay healthy, it is very important that your diet is balanced. Although, I can not help myself when I am tempted with anything sweet!
What do you like most about this profession?
Fernanda: What I love about being a model is I am able to travel to unusual places like Malaysia, China, Greece, Morocco, etc.
Who are your heroes in the real world?
Fernanda: My photographers and makeup artists R5. I learn a lot from them.
Which features do you find important in your friends?
Fernanda: They are faithful, understanding and unconditional. I have the luck to know that I can always count on them.
What your favorite meal?
Fernanda: Undoubtedly a Paella accompanied by a Bloody Mary.


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