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value 59
units per pack 6
stock 100
dimensions 19 cm. x 26 cm. x 18 cm.
volume (liters) 3
weight 3
launched on 2012-10-25 00:00:00
Interview Premula
Photos Milagros Camiņa


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::Products:: Mundinix Dolce
Excellent Dulce de Leche
"Delicious for your breakfast, snacks or desserts."
dedo con dulce de leche dedo con dulce mundinix

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How the product is presented?
Dolcenix : We offer you six bottles of classic caramel 450 g each. Delicious for your breakfast, snacks or desserts. Besides being able to give to your loved ones as a present for your trip.
Is it for consumption?
Dolcenix: It is a totally unfit for human consumption, you will delight with every scoop you take your mouth.
How do you get them?
Dolcenix : If you want to buy you can complete the order form found on this page or send an email to, they will contact you immediately.
Is there a minimum or maximum purchase?
Dolcenix: No, we have no minimum or maximum purchase, we drove for stock. The product is presented in packs of 6 bottles.
What is the shipping?
Dolcenix: We ship free within the area of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Shipments are made within the country with a different delivery time and expense.
How I can pay?
Dolcenix: You can pay your order cash on delivery.
How is this product made?
Dolcenix: This sweet milk comes in six glass jars with metal lid 450g each. Receive in two convenient and small handbags made in fabric with faux leather handles transportable. Who, then you can use to store small items in your bag or purse.


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