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Carolina Schatz
meassures (cm) 88 - 63 - 93
age 33
height 170 cm.
weight 55 kg.
eyes dark green
skin type white
hair color Chocolate
Interview Premula


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Shine on your own
Meet Carolina, a beautiful model and actress, smart, casual and very friendly.
"I like the clothes they suggest."
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What is your specialty in the modeling?
Carolina : I think my specialty is being advertising model.
Did you or do you have another job besides model?
Carolina: Seven years ago working as advertising model and acting in plays. But since I am professional psychologist a few years ago I was seeing patients.
Would you travel abroad for a while for work?
Carolina : Of course he would travel abroad for graphics or advertising campaigns. This is what I enjoy most about this work.
What do you think clothes are more sexy in a woman?
Carolina: I like the clothes they suggest. T-shirts with one shoulder, back or neck dresses with pronounced seem sexy. I also think that shorts and skirts that make women's bodies are always cute. You have to know how to accompany the clothes styling cues with good figure.
Tell us some embarrassing story that happened to you during a photo shoot.
Carolina: Lookbook was making a campaign of clothing and the changes were total head to toe. I changed behind the screen with the help of costume, went for the photo (front, profile and back) and I got back to get the next piece. We were going so fast that at one point I left and about to take a picture, I realize I was wearing two completely different shoes, we all looked and we walked out laughing. Luckily it was more comical than embarrassing.
What is the first thing you look at a man?
Carolina: What I caught a man are his eyes, I seduce. But physically, I look in the mouth and tail.
Finally, what modificarķas something in your body? What?
Carolina: I'm very happy with my body. Would not change anything, I feel very comfortable with myself.


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