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Carolina Pampillo
meassures (cm) 90 - 60 - 90
age 35
height 165 cm.
weight 51 kg.
eyes light_blue
skin type white
hair color Natural Blonde
Interview premula
Photos Carolina Pampillo


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When art is Blonde
Carolina Pampillo, actress, singer, dancer and much more.
"My inspiration is my intuition."
pelo dorado batido cuentas de colores en cabeza

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How do you define yourself?
Carolina : I like to define the concept "artist". Art is a must in my life and I think that has no limits. It's something I feel and I always look in all my projects. Since my childhood I was trained not only as an actress, singer and dancer, I also dabbled in other disciplines such as acrobatics, figure skating and martial arts. These disciplines help me much to act, the time to put the body, and even to work on action scenes being my own stunt double.
Can you resume your career?
Carolina : I was born in Venezuela but grew up in Buenos Aires, trained in theater, singing, dancing, acrobatics, aerial dance and other disciplines (such as kung fu and figure skating). I worked in film, theater performance and television (Floricienta, Chiquititas, Los Simuladores), among others. Also I did marketing campaigns for several countries, especially USA and Europe. Edited in music CD, "Sindhu Mantras" as author and composer. And today, I am preparing some musical theater projects, physical deployment and use of technologies.
Funniest or Funnier experience...
Carolina : I had an excellent experience in late 2009 when I played "Inga" in the Mel Brooks musical "Young Frankenstein". Inga, very focused on the here and now, where sensuality and seduction was totally naive and natural. At the premiere of this play came the co-author of Mel Brooks, Thomas Meehan, and became fascinated with my role. He told me that my character was blinded and had actually managed to convey the true essence of Inga, with love, tenderness, humor, and realism, something he did not seen before.
Tell us about your musical side.
Carolina : I'm a songwriter. I wrote many songs in both Spanish and English. A record label asked me to produce a mantras record (healing music). And I chose to do it with my own style, a fusion of indie, pop and experimental electronic. In addition I've composed all the songs, I made possible this album which was released in 2011.
You say you wrote songs in English, what other languages do you speak?
Carolina : I speak some Portuguese and Italian, but my second language is English. Throughout my life I have traveled a lot and I discovered that I love to meet and learn new cultures.
You were a very young mother, how was this experience for you?
Carolina : Being a mother enriched me and enriched my growth as an actress and singer. Mother I became when I had just finished high school. As aftermath it was wonderful and enriching side. We grew up together, and I feel that I raised from a very pure, blameless and with great freedom. Today, in 2012, my son is multi-instrumentalist and composer at age 16, we have a very special relationship.
How do you see your life in the future?
Carolina : I like to live for today. I am a single mother, young and independent, for these reasons, I think I have a world of possibilities ahead. I was fortunate to since I've been trained in different disciplines that made possible many doors get open, thus this gives me much encouragement to keep going. I would like to continue working on my passion: theater, film, TV and music.


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